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Find your flow, and align your energy with
holistic healing services
from Awakening Spirit LLC!

Hands hovering over a man's head during a Reiki healing.

Awakening Spirit LLC

2600 Tilton Rd #1136
Egg Harbor Township NJ

Tel: 267-908-4017

Shelley Hartman

Marwah Bhatti


 Do you ever feel like something is missing? Do you feel a lack of energy or clarity is holding you back from living your fullest life? Do you want a greater sense of flow and balance in your life?

 At Awakening Spirit LLC we use a combination of shamanic and holistic healing practices, intuitive guidance and customized wellness strategies to help you feel your best!  We provide services that can help you reconnect with a sense of peace, clarity, increased vitality and overall wellbeing!

At Awakening Spirit we believe everyone has the ability to heal and tap into deep intuition and inner wisdom, but most have forgotten. At Awakening Spirit we will offer the personalized support and guidance you need on your healing journey!

Services Offered
  • Individualized holistic healing sessions

  • Intuitive Readings with
    I Ching and Tarot

  • Reiki

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Stress Reduction Techniques to increase wellbeing

  • Spiritual and Wellness Coaching 

flowers, candle and angels
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