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Shelley Hartman MAT, MA, Pampa Masaoik (Earth Keeper)
Shamanic Healer and Intuitive Guide 


My name is Shelley Hartman. I am a Certified Shamanic Practitioner with the title of Pampa Masaoik or Earthkeeper. I also have a Masters in Teaching and a Masters in School Counseling.

My experiences have shown me that the ability to to truly heal and thrive is within every individual, but most individuals are not aware of how to tap into their highest potentials. I believe we each have tremendous power to shift our reality for the better.


I view myself as a guide to assist you in your healing journey rather than an expert.  You are the expert in your own healing journey! I'm here to work with you to identify whatever is blocking you from truly thriving. I can help you in finding ways to remove those blocks so you can more fully tap into your own energy, spirit and sense of purpose.

Shelley Hartman, Owner and Shamanic Healer
Marwah Bhatti, BA Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master


Marwah Bhatti is Awakening Spirit’s Spiritual Life Coach!

Marwah has used her intuitive abilities and background in psychology to help others improve their well-being for many years. As a Spiritual Life Coach,   Marwah is able to connect with the Universe and your spirit guides to guide you for any life circumstance you are experiencing. Marwah is also a Reiki Master, making her capable of utilizing universal energy (qi or chi energy) to help clear and balance your body! Connect with Marwah today to reach your highest spiritual potential and discover your path to inner peace!

Shamanic tools including rattle, drum and mesa cloth
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